A Client-Centered Family Law Firm

Welcome to Terrill Family Law. We are a client-centered family law firm located in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania. I started Terrill Family Law with the goal of delivering high-quality family law services to clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas at reasonable prices.

To me, being a client-centered law firm starts with gaining an understanding of each client’s unique story and recognizing their individual needs and goals. I then work with clients to find efficient, creative solutions to their legal problems. While I strongly believe in trying to find collaborative, empathy-based solutions, I recognize that in family law, sometimes clients need an aggressive advocate on their side to help them achieve their goals.

I believe that the high cost of legal services is often a barrier to effective legal representation, and I think that there are major systemic issues that need to be resolved in this country regarding access to justice. I hope that by offering a variety of service options, including opportunities for limited representation and consultation-based representation, more people are able to afford my services.

I recognize that having a family law issue can cause a lot of anxiety. I also believe that a lot of that anxiety can be alleviated with proper client communication. I think it is important to keep clients informed at every step of the way about the progress of their case and the next steps. I am always happy to explain something more than once if necessary, since the laws and procedures in any given county can be complicated and confusing.

I believe that these three things – believing in my clients’ unique needs and goals, offering different pricing solutions to match a client’s ability to pay, and maintaining excellent client communication – are the essence of what it means to be a client-centered law firm.

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