Protection from Abuse (PFA)

This is one of the most difficult areas of family law, whether you are a victim of domestic violence or you have been accused of domestic violence. Lydia will work with you to review your situation in the context of the Pennsylvania protection from abuse laws and work with you to make a plan to resolve the issue to ensure that you are safe and that your rights are protected.

Lydia will try to find creative solutions to avoid having to go to court, but we recognize that sometimes a hearing is necessary to ensure your safety or protect your rights.

PFA Services Offered

  • Helping you fill out PFA paperwork
  • Preparing PFA paperwork on your behalf  
  • Attending PFA hearings with you
  • PFA cases involving children
  • Helping to reach agreements to avoid court
  • Expungement of PFAs
Terrill Family Law - Protection from Abuse

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