Child Custody

We understand that custody of your children is often the single most important part of your family law case.  Lydia Terrill will work with you to identify your custody goals early on and advocate for you and the best interests of your child.

Custody Services Offered

  • Filing for custody in court
  • Defending against custody complaints and petitions to modify custody
  • Custody litigation, including appearing at hearings and trials
  • Negotiating and drafting custody agreements
  • Relocation cases (when one parent wants to move with the child to a different city, state or country)
  • Grandparent and third-party custody disputes
  • Enforcing custody orders
  • Modifying custody orders
  • Legal custody disputes over a child’s education, religion, or medical treatment.
  • Emergency custody issues involving child abuse, substance abuse, or mental health issues.
Terrill Family Law - Child Custody

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