Divorce & Equitable Distribution

If you are considering a divorce, or if your spouse has filed for divorce against you, you probably have a lot of questions. It is important to speak with a lawyer early on in this process to understand your rights and obligations.

Some divorces are simple and involve little more than filing paperwork with the court. Other divorces are more complicated and involve the division of marital assets and debts (a process known as “equitable distribution”). Lydia Terrill will assist you with the divorce process from beginning to end.

Terrill Family Law - Divorce & Equitable Distribution

Divorce Services Offered

  • Simple, no-asset divorces
  • Filing and serving divorce complaints
  • Responding to and defending against divorce complaints
  • Representing you at divorce hearings and at trial
  • Divorce-related issues, such as:
    • Exclusive possession of the marital residence
    • Requests to freeze assets
    • Requests for advance distribution of assets
  • Negotiating and drafting property settlement agreements
  • No fault divorces
  • Discovery requests and subpoenas
  • Sensitive issues requiring confidentiality agreements
  • Finding alternatives to litigation, including mediation and arbitration
  • Post-divorce issues, including:
    • Enforcement of property settlement agreements
    • Transfer of retirement assets

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